Foie Gras duck from Perigord

Foie Gras duck from Perigord

You know the expression “everything but the squeal”? Well, replacing pig with goose or duck would give you “everything but the bill”…not quite the same but perhaps more elegant!

Of course, there is no such thing as a festive meal or New Year’s Eve without a beautiful foie gras for your guests! Foie gras is one of Périgord’s emblematic products with all its generosity and powerful flavours. Its origins come from traditional expertise but it is lends itself to all kinds of daring and modern interpretations and is constantly reinvented.

Goose or duck?

Pan-fried for a minute, mi-cuit, cooked, sprinkled with fleur de sel and a turn of the pepper mill or paired with many original flavours (violet, apricot, fig, etc.), the taste of foie gras is unrivalled and toys with subtlety: Périgord duck foie gras is very expressive while Périgord goose foie gras, with a PGI currently pending from the INAO, is sweeter and enhances any ingredients accompanying it.

Another choice piece of duck: the magret fillet! Named France’s favourite dish in 2015, the magret is a tasty and very expressive piece of meat. Dried, it teams up with lamb’s lettuce and rocket but still steals the limelight. Périgord duck and goose thighs and wings, aiguillettes and gizzards also answer the call as a treat for gourmets, showing that everything but the bill really is true for the duck and the goose!

Healthy and nutritious

With a composition close to that of olive oil, rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids (usually called good fat because it is similar to healthy lipids), duck fat is used to cook duck meat and also any other foods (vegetables, starches, etc.) that need a little extra flavour. Enjoy yourself whilst eating healthily: that’s the Périgord Attitude!

Périgord foie gras…there’s an app for that!

Foie gras is the star of the festive season. And yet, all year round, there are a thousand of opportunities to enjoy it… It’s so easy! With the “Périgord Foie Gras” app! It is the official app of the Périgord Foie Gras Association, which brings together the whole industry from hatcheries to processors, all working in the PGI Périgord industry (Protected Geographical Indication).

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