Perigord Ckicken, Fatted chicken and Capon

Perigord Ckicken, Fatted chicken and Capon

With its climate, soils and cereal crops, Périgord has always been a privileged terroir for quality poultry farming. Raised until full maturity, the birds benefit from a unique and preserved terroir. From birth to sale, Périgord chickens, fatted chickens and capon are identified, monitored and inspected to provide consumers every quality and origin guarantee. With an undeniable flavour, these birds invite you to cook and share tasty delights and unforgettable gourmet meals.

Cock-a-doodle-do Périgord!

Périgord enjoys one of the best gourmet food reputations and a fabulous tradition of top quality poultry farming…and not by chance!

The quality and specific taste of Périgord chickens, fatted chickens and capons are not only thanks to the farmers’ careful rearing conditions. The birds are of such high quality because of the breeders’ traditional expertise: ancient practices passed down and maintained because of their impact on the animals’ well-being and quality of life, their environment and therefore the final quality of the products.


Healthy and nutritious

Because it is high in protein, chicken fills you up which makes it possible to reduce energy intake at each meal and limit cravings for snacks: the enemy of a balanced diet. Chicken meat is also naturally lean. It is even lower in calories than many fish and provides up to three times more iron, not to mention magnesium and calcium and substantial amounts of amino acids, which are essential for the growth, maintenance and repair of tissue, muscles and cells.

Chicken goes very well with a thousand flavours, making it a healthy and pleasurable food that is never the same!

Chicken run!

Périgord chickens, fatted chickens and capons trample in the meadows with their feet in the grass. You may come across our free-range poultry pecking around. The farms are spread throughout Périgord’s countryside; you are sure to come across some of them on country walks.

Some breeders have, in addition to their farms, a second activity promoting the authentic heritage of their farms. Beautiful rural flagstone homesteads, perfect for a few days of peace and quiet, where you can enjoy all the spectacular sites that the Périgord has to offer: a great idea!

Poultry places

For an authentic stay at the farm

Domaine de la Valade and its furnished holiday cottage in Saint-Crépin-et-Carlucet is perfect for a quiet stopover!

Chez Francis Minard 
Domaine de la Valade 24590 St Crepin et Carlucet

05 53 28 85 75

Situé dans la campagne environnante de Sarlat, vous séjournerez dans un gîte restauré dans le style périgourdin !

Chez Christine Lascombe
La Coste 24200 Marcillac St Quentin

Se mettre au vert, se mettre au calme…

Pour un bon poulet du dimanche… et des autres jours

Tenté par un bon poulet fermier du Périgord à partager ?

Venez vous régaler des bonnes volailles fermières au détour d’une escapade en Dordogne !

Chez Denis Dezon
Les Ans 24590 Archignac

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