The Perigord Lamb

The Perigord Lamb

How reassuring it is to know where food comes from! Périgord lamb can be very proud: it has its own PGI label all to itself. A glorious title that attests to a local, respectful and qualitative way of rearing meat (which is already good) and guaranteeing the consumer (even better) a subtly flavoured and low-fat meat, a promise of future delights, empty plates and satisfied guests!

The sweetness from local breeds and an amazing terroir

Historically, lamb was produced on Périgord farms that often had turned to mixed farming. It helped use farmland of low potential, sloping areas specific to Périgord called “picadies”. Only the hardy breeds adapted to it. Even today, the PGI specifications, which laid down traditional practices to ensure their continuity, still recommend the use of these breeds for their maternal qualities and hardiness. Their names? Lacaune, Blanche du Massif Central, Romane and Charmoise.

A traditional way of farming that maintains the landscape

Périgord lamb is only raised in a specific area: the Dordogne plus a few neighbouring districts in Corrèze, Lot and Lot-et-Garonne, far from harmful intensive agriculture. The ewes spend 7 months of the year in the peace and quiet of the meadows, enjoying “real life”! When they give birth, the lambs are then raised traditionally with a fairly long period of suckling (60 days minimum) during which they are with their mothers in the meadows. This traditional way of farming also helps maintain the beautiful Périgord landscape. The Périgord Attitude also includes a respect for the natural environment!

Healthy and nutritious

A red meat rich in protein, lamb is an excellent source of many vitamins and minerals. In fact, lamb contains an appreciable amount of zinc, iron, phosphorus, vitamin B2 and vitamin B12, giving it a high nutritional value.

The ewes are in the meadow…happiness abounds!

Trainers, a backpack, comfy clothes and you are ready for a nice hike, on your own, with a group or with your family. The Périgord landscapes will help you disconnect your thoughts and forget your mobile phone!

Go for a stroll, give yourself a little time and you’ll see how synonymous it is with quality. Quality of life for you, a top quality product from the farm… Giving lamb time to naturally suckle its mother and stretch its legs is essential for top quality meat. And essential for our vision of animal welfare.

So experience it for yourself!

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Lamb places

Périgord lamb is a top quality meat that can be found in all good artisan butchers.

Feel free to ask your usual butcher and if you’re around Périgord, here are a few good addresses…

  • Boucherie Pierre Chavier – 14 Rue Limogeanne – 24000 Périgueux
  • Boucherie Valade Frédéric – Halles du coderc – 24 000 Périgueux
  • Boucherie Rondinaud Cédrix – 4 Place Eugène Leroy – 24190 Neuvic sur l’Isle
  • Charcuteries Vaux – Avenue de Madrazes – 24200 Sarlat
  • Boucherie Francis Deschamps – 21 Route de Toulouse – 33800 Bordeaux
  • Boucherie Philippe BOULLET – 513 Avenue de la Libération – 33400 Talence

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