The Perigord Attitude

The Perigord Attitude

What is the PERIGORD ATTITUDE? How would you define it?

Périgord is pretty quirky. Modern because of its authenticity and yet far from old-fashioned.

If you live here, you breathe, sweat and experience Périgord without even realising it…which makes it complicated to put into words. The language of Périgord is its lifestyle.

The PERIGORD ATTITUDE can’t be summed up as a good resolution or a certain style. And it’s no holy quest either. On the contrary, it’s the attitude itself that takes over us, converts us and finally connects us. The PERIGORD ATTITUDE is real yet virtual, impalpable yet concrete. It is much more than a concept. It’s a lifestyle! Let’s just come out with it: The PERIGORD ATTITUDE is the ultimate lifestyle!

It’s all about eating and drinking well: local, high-end food with produce from free-range animals or quality farms that are certified PDO, PGI and Label Rouge.

It’s about gastronomic expertise with products that are simple to cook. Périgord’s cuisine abounds with traditional recipes and yet its farm produce goes so well, requiring almost no ingredients, with today’s faster life! Foie gras on bread, duck breast cooked over coals, roast chicken, strawberry salad, pan-fried chestnuts, roast leg of lamb, crunchy walnuts, great wine…and that’s it.

It is the taste of something else… Bring Périgord to your table and a warm, friendly meal is guaranteed. By opening your door to Périgord, hospitality is assured. The Périgord has many farm campsites, holiday cottages and B&Bs. Hospitality comes naturally here; we appreciate straightforward, courteous and direct people.

It is about being modern and dynamic. There is so much to do outdoors what with sports and cultural activities, different relationship with the outside world is generated. Being outside means being connected with reality. This attitude is almost prehistoric in the virtual age… Unless it’s the ultimate aspiration of many!

In the end, it is all about a certain kind of hedonism made possible by a sense of closeness under the influence of Périgord’s great history and natural surroundings. They help to put the world in perspective, every day.

The PERIGORD ATTITUDE is all of that. But above all, it’s what you get out of it.
So come, taste and experience!