The Perigord Strawberry

The Perigord Strawberry

Once upon a time in very authentic Périgord, there was a princess in a red dress with a subtle fragrance.

Originally from Asia and America, this small berry, wild at first, was certainly brought to France by birds as seeds. The Romans were interested in growing wild strawberries, but over the passing centuries multiple hybrids were created between different varieties: American, English and Dutch. Is your mouth watering? Beware, the Périgord Attitude has its eye on you already!

A seasonal product…for six exceptional months!

Did you know that the Périgord strawberry was the first European strawberry to obtain a PGI label in 2004?

Thanks to the exacting standards of the PGI certification, the Périgord strawberry offers a guarantee of perfectly sweet, balanced and fragrant fruit. Did you know that it is the balance of acidity and sugar that makes a strawberry taste so good?

Grown by over 200 farmers and marketed by only 3 businesses, the Périgord strawberry is harvested from spring to early autumn, depending on the variety. Six months of pleasure, guaranteed. And why not!

Eight varieties and just as many flavours!

  • Garriguette: early strawberry of elongated shape. Tart taste.
  • Cigaline: same family as the Garriguette.
  • Cirafine: late strawberry, soft and rather large.
  • Darselect: strawberry with firm, round and regular flesh.
  • Mara des bois: very fragrant strawberry, quite small.
  • Elsanta: same family as Darselect.
  • Seascape: rather large rustic strawberry.

Healthy and nutritious

Strawberries have only 28 calories per 100g (about 8 strawberries) but contain a large number of antioxidants including vitamin C and flavonoids that help fight free radicals and thus protect our body. Strawberries are among the 10 foods with the highest antioxidant content, like all red berries. Don’t people say that you have to eat red to stay green?

Strawberry capital

The capital of Périgord strawberries is the village of Vergt, ideally located in the centre of the Dordogne, in Périgord Blanc. It is the perfect place to stop and discover the remarkable and fabulous surrounding sites.

Vergt has three strawberries on its coat of arms, a source of local pride that represents its national reputation. People come to Vergt to celebrate strawberries during the Périgord Strawberry Festival, a great success every two years on the third Sunday in May. The next one will be May 2019: save the date!

Strawberry places

The Périgord strawberry floods the seasonal markets. You can find it in Vergt of course, every Friday for the weekly market. And every Sunday morning from the end of June to the end of September in the market hall, at the Local Farmers Market.

More generally, hunt down those delicious Garriguette, excellent Mara des Bois and tasty Cirafine. You can find them at the Local Farmers Markets throughout the Dordogne all summer long. It couldn’t be simpler: 

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